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Flavorsome Sushi

When it comes to Sushi, expect the freshest food you can find in Key West, FL. Origami Sushi Bar has the most succulent appetizers and sides that will leave you coming back for more.

Exotic Sushi Bar to Satisfy Your Cravings


Sushi Appetizers

Whether you want to have a simple salad or aromatic chicken katsu, Origami Sushi Bar is the right place!

Conch Sumiso

Conch sashimi with fresh cucumber and miso dressing


Suno Mono

Seafood Salad served with ponzu sauce



Thin sliced white fish, served with onions and ponzu sauce


Tuna, Salmon or Conch Carpaccio

Served with onion and spicy carpaccio sauce


Tuna or Salmon Tataki

Seared and served with onion, scallions and ponzu sauce


Sashimi Appetizer

3 kinds of fish with 3 slices of each


Sushi Dinners

Served with miso soup or small salad

Sushi Dinner

6 pc of sushi, 1/2 tuna roll, 1/2 spicy tuna roll, 1/2 cucumber roll and 1/2 California roll


Sashimi Dinner

5 different kinds of sashimi, 3 slices each of tuna, salmon, hamachi, conch and local catch


Chirashi Dinner

Assortment of fish, sliced in sashimi style, served over sushi rice


Dinner Box

3pc of sushi, 3 kinds of sashimi with 2 slices each, 1/2 spicy tuna roll, tempura shrimp, vegetables and beef Maki



Small Side Salad


Steamed White Rice


Miso Soup


Just for kids

Under 12 years of age

Space Shuttle

Chicken teriyaki, shrimp katsu, veggies and rice



Ice Cream

Green tea or coconut


Fried Ice Cream

Green tea or coconut


Mochi Ice Cream

Choices of 3: Green tea | Strawberry | Mango


*Gratuity included on parties of 6 or more